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We've started taking in applications for the next batch of codeville geniuses. Applications are on till the 30th July, 2021

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Codeville '21 Application


We Believe

Education is the single most important tool for development. This is the reason Genesys was founded in 2015. We started out educating and grooming software developers, preparing them for the industry.

We took the education out of the classroom and into the workspace, introducing our people to learning by experimentation and the creation of real-world solutions through design.

As we grew, we advanced into grooming entrepreneurs and building cutting edge digital products to create opportunities for our people. We remained true to ensuring that our people remain the best at what they do- that they stand out!

Our Mission

We create

Opportunities for young Nigerian techies and entrepreneurs to grow and innovate, and a platform for the collaborations that make the impossible a day’s work.

We are committed to mentoring a generation of innovators and entrepreneurs with a focus on excellence, constant growth and improvement.

“To create opportunities for young Nigerian techies and entrepreneurs

“We build a community where people learn, grow and achieve the impossible together

How We Behave

We believe that excellence is a culture, and we are committed to a philosophy of consistent improvement in everything we do. We are passionate, candid and we trust in the power of collaboration.

Who We Are

We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it, for it is not in the stars to hold our destinies but in ourselves. We have taken the first step towards creating better opportunities for our people and forging a better narrative about young Nigerians.

#weAreGenesys - we are a community of people committed to creating a better future for young Nigerian techies and entrepreneurs.

Who We Serve

Techies (aspiring software developers, designers and technologists):

“I need to build a career in tech. Give me the skill-set I need, together with mentorship and guidance, then provide an avenue for me to use my acquired skills profitably.”

Entrepreneurs (startup founders):

I need to build a business. Give me the knowledge I need, some money, together with some guidance and help build my product.

Clients (product owners trying to build new software):

I need to build a product. Help me build it.

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